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Frank’s Book List!

So, I have been promising a list of books that I have on my shelves. Here are a few to get you going:
This is the book that I most highly recommend for all-around makeup fx info-

And in a close second place are Mike Spatola’s books- which are great makeup books to practice the demonstrations that he lays out in detail.

This is the book that i found at a young age that showed a lot of basic principals for mold making
And of course, any makeup fx library isnt complete without Tom Savini’s books.  I STILL look through them.
We often rant about how its frustrating that the new generations dont know the artists and technicians that came before them.
When I found this book it opened my eyes to so many creators of my favorite classic makeups
This is another great book that has been on my shelves since I was young.
And you cant talk about books without mention Vin Keho’s great books
Good luck!

An Update

Frank and I are getting ready to record episodes of CreatureGeek very soon (as in this week) and we’d love to hear some feedback from you. Who would you love to hear as a guest on the show? What kind of topics would you like us to chat about? Any movies you’d like us to talk about? Let us know! Your feedback will help us develop future episodes.

We have some really exciting news to share with you, but we can’t share it just yet. But don’t fret! We’ll be able to let you in all the big doings in just a few days.  Until then, sound off in the comments and help us develop new episodes of Creature Geek!

Coming Soon…

The CreatureGeeks

In just a few short weeks, professional SFX makeup artist Frank Ippolito and I will launch our new podcast called “CreatureGeek“.  It’s a look at monster makeup from a fan and a pro perspective.  Our hope is to have compelling chat about the industry, have on great guests and a whole lot of nerdy talk about special effects and makeup.

Stay tuned for more information!

BTW, I have another project called Geek A Week and Frank happens to be this week’s geek!  Check out his card!