Mid-October Pop Culture Wrap Up – Episode 78 -10/20/17

Frank and Len talk about all the awesome things happening in the Pop Culture world this month like Blade Runner 2029, Halloween, The Orville and IT.

Kevin McTurk and The Haunted Swordsman – Episode 77 -9/29/17

Kevin McTurk joins us tonight, a prolific special effects and creature technician who has worked for shops like Stan Winston, WETA and Jim Henson's Creature Shop and has lent to talents to projects like Peter Jackson's King Kong, Iron Man 1 and 2, Jurassic Park and last summer's runaway hit for Netflix, Stranger Things. He's … Continue Reading ››

Michael Westmore: Excerpts From Makeup Man – Episode 75 -8/28/17

On this special episode of Creature Geek, Frank and I welcome the legendary Michael Westmore who reads sections of his new book Makeup Man.  There are some great stories in this episode including ones about Star Trek, The Munsters and an infamous Pink Lady painting. Thanks to Mr. Westmore for coming in and reading from … Continue Reading ››

Leonard Engelman Gets Our Vote – Episode 74 -8/18/17

Today's guest is one of the most iconic and recognized makeup artists in the industry, Leonard Engelman. He has been working professionally for over fifty years and has lent his talent to such films as Rocky, Ghostbusters, Heat and Batman Forever, … Continue Reading ››

Battling The Biz Battles, Volume 2 – Episode 73 -7/28/17

Even though Frank is in China for work, we have a new CreatureGeek for you! This week, Len and Frank do their Comic-Con wrapup, they talk more about cosplay and then they discuss more about running your own business and things to expect and how to handle different situations. If … Continue Reading ››

Bendy Bonnie Morgan Bends In – Episode 72 -7/14/17

Today, Frank and Len welcome Bonnie Morgan. Bonnie is a talented actress, a daring stunt woman and an extraordinary contortionist who is probably best known for her role as the weirdly contorted Samara from The Ring Two and Rings 3. Her acting and stuntwork has been featured in such films … Continue Reading ››

Chinbeard Is In The House – Episode 70 – 6/30/17

Today, Frank and Len talk to our mutual friend and incredible pro fabricator Bill Doran AKA Chinbeard from Punished Props. Bill continues the discussion about working in cosplay professionally and the joys and pitfalls of doing it all on your own to make a living. It's great info you can't … Continue Reading ››

Thanks For All the Pickles, Rob Burman! – Episode 68 – 6/2/17

On this episode, Frank and Len interview the legendary Rob Burman. Rob is a master sculptor who has been playing with clay for over 40 years. He is the third generation of FX artist, following in the steps of his father and grandfather before him. Over his career, he has … Continue Reading ››

The Gabe Bartalos Experience – Episode 66 – 5/5/17

Frank and Len welcome the incredible Gabe Bartalos to the show this week. You may recognize Gabe's work from cult classics as Leprechaun, Basket Case 2, Gremlins 2 and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. He refined his skills under Tom Savini and Rick Baker before going on to start Atlantic West Effects, a full service … Continue Reading ››

American Horror Story’s Eryn Krueger Mekash – Episode 64 – 4/14/17

Frank and Len loved Women's Month last month that we are continuing with it in April. Today's guest is Eryn Krueger Mekash. Eryn has over 30 years experience as an Emmy award winning makeup artist in the TV and film industry. You might have seen her work on such shows … Continue Reading ››

All The Silicone Feels With Jo Holland – Episode 63 – 3/31/17

Frank and I are rounding out Women's Month on CreatureGeek. This episode, we go inside baseball and shop talk about silicon appliances with the amazing Jo Holland. Jo is an SFX artist who knows her stuff when it comes to running silicon appliances and you'll definitely learn something during this … Continue Reading ››

Bela Meriwether, The Future of SFX Makeup – Episode 62 – 3/17/17

Frank and I are continuing to celebrate International Women's Month on CreatureGeek by showcasing the women of SFX/Makeup during the month of March. Now, you may not recognize today's guest from any current movies, but keep watching - because Frank and I have our money on our young guest becoming a makeup pro. 10 year … Continue Reading ››

A Visit with Beth Hathaway – Episode 61 -3/10/17

We are celebrating International Women's Day on CreatureGeek. Actually, Frank and I are planning on celebrating Internationall Women's MONTH on CreatureGeek by showcasing the women of SFX/Makeup in the month of March. On this show, we welcome the wonderful Beth Hathaway. Beth is a special effect artist and puppeteer who has worked on such shows … Continue Reading ››

The Ridiculous Tools of Vincent Van Dyke – Episode 60 -2/24/17

Today's guest on CreatureGeek is Vincent Van Dyke. Vincent is a Primetime emmy award nominated make-up artist whose work has been seen on such shows as Nip/Tuck, Dexter and Grey's Anatomy. He has also lent his prosthetic prowess to big name films like Star Trek, Batman V Superman and The Revanant. He is currently working … Continue Reading ››

Keeper Of The Keys: A Chat With Andy Clement – Episode 59 -2/10/17

Today's guest on CreatureGeek is Andy Clement. Andy is a makeup artist who is best known for his work on big name films such as Interstellar, Deadpool, Cloverfield and Guardians of the Galaxy. He was also a business and teaching partner with the master Dick Smith and is the keeper of the information passed on … Continue Reading ››

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