The Rick Baker Show – Episode 43 – 7/1/16

On this episode, the first of July (on the first of July) Frank and I welcome special effects legend THE Rick Baker. If you’re not aware of Rick Baker, you should be! He’s worked on so many iconic shows including Star Wars, Harry and The Hendersons, Men in Black, American Werewolf in London and many, many more. Frank and I are honored to have him on the show. Enjoy it! If you’re digging this show, please head over to and support us with a few bucks. Thanks for listening!

Browning It Up With Doug Stewart – Episode 42 – 6/17/16

We welcome SFX special costume designer Doug Stewart to this episode of Creaturegeek. We chat about adding brown to a costume and how to age a garment to look realistic. It’s a fascinating discussion with another seasoned pro! If you are enjoying the show, head over to and support us with a few bucks. We are short of our monthly goal that brings you an extra show every month. So head on over to our Patreon, pledge a few bucks and help us get to three or more shows per month. Thanks for listening!

Rebooting and Remaking It – Episode 41 – 6/10/16

On this episode of CreatureGeek, Frank and I talk about a variety of topics first and foremost the argument to reboot and remake in Hollywood. We chat about the trend of making costumes cosplayable. And how editing can make or break a trailer. If you are enjoying the show, head over to and support us with a few bucks. Thanks for listening!

Batting The Biz Battles – Episode 40 – 6/3/16

On this our 40th(!) show, Frank and I take a break from talking about the art of makeup and SFX and talk about the art of actually running a successful business. This is a must hear if you are thinking of striking out on your own creatively. There is a lot of talk about getting paid, contracts and the overall self-doubt that pervades every creative person’s mind. If you are enjoying the show, head over to and support us with a few bucks.


Frank’s Book List!

So, I have been promising a list of books that I have on my shelves. Here are a few to get you going:
This is the book that I most highly recommend for all-around makeup fx info-

And in a close second place are Mike Spatola’s books- which are great makeup books to practice the demonstrations that he lays out in detail.

This is the book that i found at a young age that showed a lot of basic principals for mold making
And of course, any makeup fx library isnt complete without Tom Savini’s books.  I STILL look through them.
We often rant about how its frustrating that the new generations dont know the artists and technicians that came before them.
When I found this book it opened my eyes to so many creators of my favorite classic makeups
This is another great book that has been on my shelves since I was young.
And you cant talk about books without mention Vin Keho’s great books
Good luck!

The Thatcher Method – Episode 39 – 5/20/16

On this episode (our longest show ever), we chat with director/producer/writer/puppeteer Kirk Thatcher. Kirk shares some wine with us and talks about his wacky route from making molds and creatures to directing next to legends like Leonard Nimoy, hanging out in the editing room with George Lucas and working closely with Jim Henson. It’s an episode full of great stories. If you like this show and want to hear more, please support us at

Jose Fernandez of Ironhead Studio – Episode 38 – 5/13/16

If you went to see Captain America Civil War this past weekend, you saw the work of this week’s guest, Jose Fernandez. In fact, if you’ve seen a number of blockbusters like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Amazing Spider Man, Hellboy or Tron Legacy, you’ve seen his work and the work of his company IronHead Studio. If you are enjoying the show, head over to our Patreon Page and support us with a few bucks.

On this episode, we have video!  We probably won’t have this on every episode, but we have it on this one! Help us get to our goal at our Patreon page!

“Live From MonsterPalooza Part 2: Shawn Nagle Loves Monkeys” – Episode 37 – 5/5/16

In this, our second live episode from MonsterPalooza 2016, Frank and I chat with resin model kit sculptor, Shawn Nagle of Nagleworks. Shawn chats about his foray into the industry, his history with companies like Marvel, McFarlane Toys, NECA and Diamond. Frank also outs Shawns strange obsession with monkeys. If you are enjoying the show and you like more shows like this, head over to and support us with a few bucks. Enjoy the show! Thanks to MonsterPalooza for having us as guests.

Live From MonsterPalooza Part 1: The Godfather of Gore, Tom Savini – Episode 36 – 4/29/16

Frank and I record our first live show from MonsterPalooza 2016. Our guest is the Godfather of Gore, the legendary Tom Savini. Tom chats with us about his acting and directing experience and of course about his makeup career. Also, his peg system. Don’t know what that is? Listen in! Also, thanks to our many Patreon supporters for not only allowing me (Len) to get to Monsterpalooza, but also for your continued support. If you are enjoying the show, head over to and support us with a few bucks. Enjoy the show!

The Immortal Show – Episode 35 – 4/15/16

Frank and Len welcome guests Andrew Freeman and George Frangadakis of Immortal Masks. Frank adds some “apple juice” to the mix and we chat about the creative process, what prospective artists should be working on if they want to work with a company like Immortal, and how a little strip club taught George everything he needed to know about running a business. Once again, this episode enters a NSFW realm, so if there are sensitive ears nearby, maybe listen on your headphones. In any event, if you like the show, please consider heading over to our Patreon ( and throwing us some bucks.

We will see you LIVE at Monsterpalooza, coming up next week!

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