CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 7: Jim Eustermann

Frank and Len welcome out guest Jim Eustermann, an actor/SFX makeup designer who has worked on Species, Pirates of the Caribbean and much more. Does Jim consider himself an actor or a SFX person? Listen in to find out. Thanks for your support of the show and thanks to Tested for providing us a happy home. Got an idea for a guest or a topic for a future CreatureGeek? Sound off in the comments!

CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 6 – Frank’s All Star FX Team

On today’s episode, Frank and Len talk about the thin line between gore and reality and why it’s ok to be grossed out by reality. Len also puts Frank on the spot and makes him choose his Makeup All-Star roster. Also, a very belated birthday shout out to Frank. Enjoy the show and thanks for listening.


Do You Want A Trading Card of Frank Ippolito?


Have you ever wanted a trading card of SFX makeup artist and CreatureGeek host,  Frank Ippolito?  Well, here’s your chance!  Len has added Frank to his geek trading card project Geek A Week and he joins other illustrious geeks such as Neil Gaiman, Guillermo Del Toro,  Wil Wheaton, Stan Lee and many others!  Not only that, but you can play an actual card game called “Epic Vs. Awesome” designed by master game makers Mike Selinker and Kid Beyond!  You can order the cards right now from Len’s online store.

Go and get them now!

CreatureGeek: Season 2: Episode 2: Stephen Prouty


On this episode of CreatureGeek, Frank and Len welcome academy award nominated makeup designer, Stephen Prouty.

NOTE: Frank and Stephen’s audio is pretty rough on this ep. We apologize for the technical glitches, but hope you enjoy hearing Stephen’s stories. We promise to have him back on a future show to make up for this.

CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 1: The CreatureGeeks Return!


The CreatureGeeks

Frank and Len are back for Season 2 of CreatureGeek! Frank and Len catch up on what’s been happening on their off-time, what movies they have seen and also discuss the future of the show.  Also, even though we say there is video with this episode, there isn’t and we apologize. Len explains at the top of the show.

Thanks to the gang at for giving us a home and letting us continue with Season 2!

The SFX Makeup Show By A Fan And A Pro