CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 1: The CreatureGeeks Return!


The CreatureGeeks

Frank and Len are back for Season 2 of CreatureGeek! Frank and Len catch up on what’s been happening on their off-time, what movies they have seen and also discuss the future of the show.  Also, even though we say there is video with this episode, there isn’t and we apologize. Len explains at the top of the show.

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CreatureGeek Episode 8: Shannon Shea


On this,  the season finale of Creature Geek, Frank and Len welcome creature designer, makeup artist and character creator Shannon Shea. Shannon talks about working with Stan Winston, about his new project “Scream At the Devil”  and also about his upcoming book. Let us know how you liked this season of CreatureGeek and if you want us back, let us – and the folks at Tested – know!

CreatureGeek: Episode 7: Bill Moseley


On this, the first CG for the year 2015, horror character actor Bill Moseley starts off the new year with some talk from the third side of the makeup world: the chair. Bill talks with Frank and I about his time in the makeup chair creating such popular characters such as ChopTop. He also talks about his time as a writer for National Lampoon. Plus, much chatter about cow anus’s being removed during alien abductions. Enjoy!

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CreatureGeek Episode 6: Michele Burke


On this, our Christmas episode of CreatureGeek, Frank and I welcome  Oscar Award winning makeup artist, Michele Burke.  We chat about her method of creating iconic makeups like those from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Tropic Thunder and Rock of Ages.  We also chat about great gift ideas for the fan and the pro makeup artist. Happy Holidays everyone!

Michele Burke’s Instagram account

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CreatureGeek – Episode 5: Matt Winston of Stan Winston Studios


On this episode of CreatureGeek, Frank and I welcome Matt Winston of the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. We talk a lot about the school, growing up around such iconic makeup and designs. Matt also shares Len’s real name for the first time on any podcast.

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CreatureGeek: Episode 2: Best TV Makeups

On this episode of CreatureGeek, Frank and Len continue a conversation started by Adam Savage on “Still Untitled”  about what are the best makeups in TV history.  We discuss a bunch of shows.  Did we miss any?  Sound off in the comments!
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CreatureGeek: Episode 1: Pilot

Welcome to the first episode of CreatureGeek!

It’s the first episode of CreatureGeek! This is the podcast about SFX and makeup from a fan and pro perspective.  On this episode, Frank and I find our footing, podcast-wise, and chat about our credentials, our first forays into makeup and special effects and more.  Frank also shares some stories about legendary makeup artist, Dick Smith. Listen in, enjoy and let us hear your feedback!

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