CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 6 – Frank’s All Star FX Team

On today’s episode, Frank and Len talk about the thin line between gore and reality and why it’s ok to be grossed out by reality. Len also puts Frank on the spot and makes him choose his Makeup All-Star roster. Also, a very belated birthday shout out to Frank. Enjoy the show and thanks for listening.


3 thoughts on “CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 6 – Frank’s All Star FX Team”

  1. The animatronics guy from the UK Frank was thinking of might be Chris Clarke. The guy does amazing work and he’s been totally willing to share his knowledge by answering questions on forums, which is really cool.

    Check out the horse he did for ‘War Horse’-

    John Nolan is also another extremely talented UK animatronics guy. It would be killer if you guys could get Mark Setrakian or Richard Landon on the show!

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