Reboot CreatureGeek Go! – Episode 97 -9/5/19

Frank and Len return after an extended hiatus for a new show!  We talk about Frank's busy schedule, what has happened since we last recorded and all kinds of interesting tidbits about social media and working for a large scale project.  It's always interesting and we're glad to be back! Thanks for listening!

Miles Teves and Everett Burrell Talk Umbrella Academy – Episode 96 4/10/19

On Episode 96 of Creaturegeek, Frank, and Len welcome Miles Teves and Everett Burrell for a little chat. Everett Burrell is the  Production VFX Supervisor for Netflix's smash hit The Umbrella Academy. Hear all about how Thingergy and Frank's team including Miles Teves, created Pogo and the wizardry that fleshed out this amazing … Continue Reading ››

Doodlin’ For The Devil: Mark Tavares – Episode 95 -1/29/19

On this 95th episode of Creature Geek, Frank Ippolito and Len Peralta welcome FX Industry Veteran and incredible character and caricature artist Mark Tavares.

Jamie Kelman Chats Vice – Episode 94 – 1/10/19

Frank and Len welcome the amazing Jamie Kelman.  Jamie has been part of the  FX industry for nearly 30 years and has worked on a many  shows including the critically acclaimed movie "Vice" where he transformed Sam Rockwell into Former President George W. Bush. There are a TON of great stories in this … Continue Reading ››

The Silent Time of Mark Viniello – Episode 93 12/19/18

On this episode (our last of 2018), Frank and Len welcome back the incredible Mark Viniello.  Mark is currently working on a ton of NDA stuff, but he's still able to talk about some of the incredible projects he's worked on in his illustrious career. We cover a lot of ground in this … Continue Reading ››

Welcome To Creature Geek Therapy

Frank and Len welcome back George Frangadakis of Immortal Masks! George discusses getting through the growing pains of running an exploding FX business. What to do.  What not to do.  And everything in between. It's fascinating listening!  Thank you for your support!

This episode's guest was the winner of the ninth season of Syfy FaceOff - Nora Hewitt. Since then, Nora's lent her talent to a ton of NDA projects we can't talk about happening at Thingergy as well as indie flicks Mail Order Monster and Blood … Continue Reading ››

Bart Mixon’s Monster Fixins’ – Episode 84 – 2/22/18

On this episode of Creature Geek, we talk to makeup/special effects artist Bart Mixon.  Bart has worked on pretty much everything for the past 25 years including Men In Black, Fight Night Part Two, Pet Cemetery and one of Len's all-time favorite films … Continue Reading ››

Len and Frank’s 2017 CreatureGeek Wrap-up – EPISODE 81 – 12/31/17

Frank’s new shop, follow-up of Frank leaving Tested, Last Jedi spoilers, what large companies could do to fan-driven fabrication and how to get on our show. 

Tim Shea’s Amateur Hour – Episode 80 – 11/17/17

On this episode, Frank and Len look at the hobbyist angle of doing your own design work with our guest Tim Shea. You may recognize some of Tim's work from past Tested videos, although you would never know he is an amateur designer. Tim just wrapped up a whirlwind weekend at DesignerCon in LA … Continue Reading ››

Mike Hill Takes On Werewolves – Episode 79 – 11/10/17

Frank and Len close the classic monster trilogy of podcasts by covering one of our favorite topics, werewolves.  And we've brought in werewolf expert and master sculptor Mike Hill to chat about lycanthropes. We also look at these lists of favorite werewolf film from Paste Magazine and Den of Geek and … Continue Reading ››

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