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26 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the great episodes! I want to send an envelope for stickers but I can’t find the physical address.

  2. Enjoying the show. Nice to hear all of these familiar voices from the past. Especially enjoyed the episode with Pete! Nice to hear from someone in the Animatronic side.

    …The company you were trying to remember was Mark Rappaports Creature Effects

  3. Hi guys!

    This following questions might be better answered by Frank, but any input will be appreciated.

    1. Can you guys shed some light on MUFX work outside the US? Shops or places of the like who take interns? any other locations/countries you’ve heard have mufx work going?

    2. Aside from SWSCA (which I find beyond excellent), any recommended books/dvds on advanced mold making?


  4. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that we girls out here are listening too! My husband Charles listens to your podcast regularly and thought I would enjoy it too. I have since been recommending your show to all my creative friends. Thanks for doing it!

  5. Hi Len and Frank,

    I have been a fan of the show since it’s first episode…

    Every time I listen to the podcasts, o get reinsured for me to go on and get into this field…

    Although I am 22 years old..
    I feel like I am right in the middle of a crisis of what to do with my life, you all have opened the floodgates of ideas for me to help reach this goal of getting into animatronics and special effects..

    Thank both of you for doing this.

    It keeps me hopeful that I can possibly become something greater.

    In all honesty, I’d love to get in contact with both of you if possible to get insight, wisdom, and anything else that may come forward during our (possible) conversations.

    Hope to keep hearing more from this great podcast and I look forward to learning as much as I can.

    Joshua Arnold

  6. I’d love to do your videos and audio production please contact me for free. Please contact me if I can help 🙂

  7. Can you interview Screaming Mad George? I feel like he’s a real FX person’s FX artist. Seems like a total nut, maybe even crazier than Steve Johnson. Society has some of the most conceptually elaborate body horror gags after The Thing, and maybe Videodrome. I think I read he’s a teacher now???

  8. I know there are two shops located in OR. I would love to hear what they have to say about working on films and tv shows.
    Christina Kortom does props and make up for Grimm
    Then The other shop goes giant props and costumes. I can’t think of the shops name.

  9. Is there a problem with the episode download links? My phone can’t seem to download using any of the links, and when I tried on a desktop, the files would try to save (unsuccessfully) as “filename_mp3” not “filename.mp3″… I’ll try finding it via iTunes next.

  10. Hey. Love love LOVE the podcast fellas. So happy to have great stuff on my commutes to work.

    I am a UK based FX artist and have been working on TV and Film since 1994. I have an IMDb listing with my credits.

    I was do jazzed to hear you chat about TV makeups. In 1995 myself and Adrian Rigby took a trip to LA to scope out the FX scene.

    We dprnt a day on set with Greg Funk who showed us around Optic Neve and then onto the Babylon 5 set. How incredibly luck were we?

    A couple of English kids being given that kind of indulgence. …I’ll never forget it and we have some pictures someplace we should dig out.

    I remember watching the makeups getting touched up the tailer, looking at Peter Jurassics makeup sable to see edges closeup. I juat drank it all in! Everybody was just so accommodating.

    Anyhow. I just wanted to share. I am so happy you guys are doing this and I support your endeavour for those of us all over the world who don’t get to see the spotlight thrown on our obscure interests too often!



  11. Hey Guys!

    My name′s Nick Winstead and I′m a 16-year-old monster maker running a studio out of his garage in WhoKnowsWhere, Mississippi (and I promise you I don′t just glop strawberry jelly on my arm and call it a makeup). But I thought it would be really neat for you guys to talk about your experiences being ′creature geeks′ kids in your home towns on the podcast; I know you talked about the topic briefly on the first episode but I thought it would be cool to go into detail about it and talk about what other people thought of you, who influenced you as a kid, that type of stuff . Thanks dudes, cheers!

    – NAW

    P.S. – I′ve been listening to the podcast on a weekly basis ever since it came out on tested and am absolutely loving it, really appreciate all the effort!

    P.P.S. – I was probably the guy who sent the email about mold-making frank was talking about last episode so sorry for bugging you

    P.P.P.S. – BTW Frank if I was the guy you were talking about you didn′t reply back, but I get it since your busy with your comic con project and all your other stuff. And also I found the materials I was asking you about so we′re all good.

  12. Hey guys just caught up on all of season 2. The audio was janky but that’s life. You were asking about who listens to the show. Well here I am a UK guy who enjoys the movies and TV shows but I can’t get enough of the back story. The history and the stories that you tell and have your guests relate are fascinating and exactly why I tune in. It would be easy for Frank to give out so much technical detail about the processes he uses but I’m glad that he reels it in. Although I admire his work greatly I’d be lost after a couple of mins trying to absorb the technical stuff. Please keep the shows coming just as they are. Thank you both for sacrificing your free time to record these podcasts

  13. Love the show, guys! As I’m writing this I’m watching the new National Geographic documentary “T. Rex Autopsy” which features some really rad practical effects recreating an anatomically correct Tyrannosaurus. I’d love to see you guys talk to the team that created them, Crawley Creatures! Thanks! Once again–love the show!

  14. Hey Frank, I was wondering with you being from Cleveland did you happen to attend CCAD in Columbus. I graduated from CCAD in 94′ originaly wanting to do 2D animation or Practical Creature Effects. I eventually ended up doing CG in Film and Games

  15. Hey guys, love the podcast. Just a suggestion from the first episode of season 2 – Frank, did you use a noise gate? Your voice cut off a lot of the beginning of your sentences, and kept popping. Pull back on it or lose it altogether. Thanks

  16. Your first 2 episodes posted fine but the 2nd and 3rd the player does not appear. at least on Mac. Checked on a couple different computers. There is no way to listen to them. Just a heads up

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