CreatureGeek – Episode 4: Steve Johnson Tells It Like It Is


On this episode of CreatureGeek, FX legend Steve Johnson stops by for a candid chat about the industry, effects and so, so much more.   We also chat about his new effects house Brick and Mortar. (Some content NSFW.)

Thanks to for giving CG a home.

2 thoughts on “CreatureGeek – Episode 4: Steve Johnson Tells It Like It Is”

  1. Loved it! Just how I imagined the “old timers” to be. I have had a few friends through out the years that work/worked in Hollywood and Steve fits the story’s I would hear about.

    To dang funny! Thanks for “not” making him talk about Slimer the ghost. Love to hear what really go’s on in the industry.

    Count me as 1 of your 10 fans!
    John “Kona”

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