On this week’s episode of CreatureGeek, Frank and I welcome Tory Belleci formerly of the show Mythbusters and of the upcoming Netflix show “The White Rabbit Project” – starting December 9th. Tory chats about his time being a model maker with ILM and his safety and well being as a Mythbuster. Thanks for listening! Also, If you’re digging this show, please head over to our Patreon page ¬†and support us with a few bucks. Thanks to our sponsor ScotteVest!

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  • Kenia says:

    Hey guys,

    Since you asked for it, I’m a girl & have listened to pretty much all your podcasts. Thanks to you, people at work think i’m borderline schizophrenic, since they’ve seen me laughing out loud like a retard with my headsets on -not knowing im listening to a podcast-, so they just assume im a lunatic who laughs by herself for no reason, well good for them.

    Anyway, yes, you have a female follower who’s also from the Caribbean; i’m here at the far land of the Dominican Republic.

    Have any of you thought about, or been suggested, to have Rob Bottin as a guest? pretty please?

    Many thanks for the entertainment,
    hope it keeps coming,
    Kenia Dubocq.

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