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Frank and Len are back for Season 2 of CreatureGeek! Frank and Len catch up on what’s been happening on their off-time, what movies they have seen and also discuss the future of the show.  Also, even though we say there is video with this episode, there isn’t and we apologize. Len explains at the top of the show.

Thanks to the gang at for giving us a home and letting us continue with Season 2!

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  • Len says:

    Thanks for the great comments, PZ! We have a lot of ground to cover for sure and we hope to do it on future shows!


  • Peter Zunitch says:

    Hi guys, regular listener here (so put another notch on the list). Enjoying the show immensely. by day I’m a video editor in NY, but historically I’ve dabbled in effects makeup as a distant hobby I wish I had more money and time for.

    Comments on the show…
    loved all the guest so far. I wouldn’t be afraid to get more people outside the makeup industry. EveN people not I. The field have good makeup and effects stories. What about having some of those semi-pros or amateurs on To ask questions and talk of the hobby side of things?

    Would love also to hear from more about effects outside the horror genre too. I think you guys could do a whole season on farscape alone. It’s the first show I know of that regularly had a man in a rubber suit and made you think they were a real alien every time… not to mention henson Co’s contributions and amazing works.

    Finally, I’d like to suggest talking some of the Notabe shows movies and documentaries about sfx and makeup. Just watched the more recent ray Harryhausen doc and found it rather enjoyable on many fronts.

    Thanks for your efforts, keep up the good work. Oh and I have some video re or ding ideas if you want advice. (Check out bluejeans or even skype for starters).


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