Respect The Mold: A Chat With Rob Freitas – Episode 56 -1/13/17

On this episode, Frank and I talk with Master Mold Maker, Rob Freitas. Rob has been in the industry for decades and is considered by many best in his speciality – mold making. Let’s put it this way: Rob is the guy that Rick Baker calls when he needs someone to make molds. It’s a fascinating chat with one of the premiere mold makers in the business. Also, if you’re enjoying this podcast and you want to hear more, please head over to our Patreon page and support us with a few bucks.

2 thoughts on “Respect The Mold: A Chat With Rob Freitas – Episode 56 -1/13/17”

  1. I just listened to this episode, and I never found out what a “cheater wall” is. Couldn’t find out with Google either. Can someone explain it to me?

    Love the show, by the way!

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