CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 7: Jim Eustermann

Frank and Len welcome out guest Jim Eustermann, an actor/SFX makeup designer who has worked on Species, Pirates of the Caribbean and much more. Does Jim consider himself an actor or a SFX person? Listen in to find out. Thanks for your support of the show and thanks to Tested for providing us a happy home. Got an idea for a guest or a topic for a future CreatureGeek? Sound off in the comments!

1 thought on “CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 7: Jim Eustermann”

  1. that so he will release my first born?) Actually they relaly are great books. So if I were to win, I can gift them to someone who would enjoy them as much as I.Honestly, I just want to stick someone with a nickname worse than mine. I’m sure with a name like Root Rot , you can understand. L)

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