CreatureGeek: Episode 21: Beast Wishes From The Franks

On this episode of CreatureGeek, we talk to producer, animator, director and documentarian Frank Dietz. Frank talks about his wonderful documentary about Bob Burns entitled "Beast Wishes". Also, we have a really cool Halloween giveaway thanks to the fine folks at Mezco Toys. All you have to do is post your Halloween costume from this … Continue Reading ››

CreatureGeek: Episode 20: Missing The Mags

On this episode of CreatureGeek, Frank and Len chat/rant about the current state of SFX/Makeup magazines. Does anyone else miss the good old days of Fangoria, Gore Zone, Cinefex and Cinefantastique? Well, rest easy because the discussion is all about makeup mags. There is also discussion about a new magazine called PROsthetic magazine which is … Continue Reading ››

CreatureGeek Season 3: Live from Dragon*Con 2015!

CreatureGeek is back with Season 3! And this one is nothing short of wonderful. Frank and Len do their first live podcast together in the same room from Dragoncon 2015 in Atlanta, GA. This week’s guest is the incredibly talented Roy Wooley. You might know Roy from his double stint on FaceOff. But … Continue Reading ››

CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 10: Bowing Before The Masters

It's the season 2 finale of CreatureGeek and Boy Howdy, do we have a rock and roll guest to round off this season. This episode we welcome the incredible Todd Masters of MastersFX. Todd and his shop are responsible for effects in such shows as Fringe, Falling Skies, RoboCop, Tales from the Crypt, Slither, True … Continue Reading ››

CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 9: 50 Bucks A Poke

On this episode of CreatureGeek, Frank and I welcome SFX designer, miniature wizard and camera king Christopher Warren. Chris is part of the Warren family that has over 70 years of SFX history under their belts with movies like T2, Moonrise Kingdom, the Underworld Series and of course, The Pillsbury Doughboy. We only scratch the … Continue Reading ››

CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 8: New Vs. Old

On this episode of CreatureGeek, Frank and Len introduce a new segment on the show that compares the new versions of movies to the old one. This time around, we discuss the remake of Poltergeist and how it stands up to the original. (Spoiler: it doesn't). We examine the differences between the two and also … Continue Reading ››

CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 7: Jim Eustermann

Frank and Len welcome out guest Jim Eustermann, an actor/SFX makeup designer who has worked on Species, Pirates of the Caribbean and much more. Does Jim consider himself an actor or a SFX person? Listen in to find out. Thanks for your support of the show and thanks to Tested for providing us a happy … Continue Reading ››

CreatureGeek Season 2: Episode 6 – Frank’s All Star FX Team

On today's episode, Frank and Len talk about the thin line between gore and reality and why it's ok to be grossed out by reality. Len also puts Frank on the spot and makes him choose his Makeup All-Star roster. Also, a very belated birthday shout out to Frank. Enjoy the show and thanks for … Continue Reading ››

CreatureGeek: Season 2: Episode 2: Stephen Prouty

Jackass-Presents-Bad-Grandpa-Johnny-Knoxville-Jackson-Nicholl-570x294 On this episode of CreatureGeek, Frank and Len welcome academy award nominated makeup designer, Stephen Prouty. NOTE: Frank and Stephen's audio is pretty rough on this ep. We apologize for the technical glitches, but hope you enjoy hearing Stephen's stories. We promise to have him back on a … Continue Reading ››

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